You don’t need a green thumb, or even plants, to use planters.

These versatile items can be used to add character and style to any room without dirt or leaves and the best part … no watering necessary!

For example, one fine day I came across a beautiful planter that I felt was just too pretty to use in the traditional way. I decided it would be great to use as my office garbage pail and the rest is history.

Now, I have planters everywhere in my home in all different shapes and sizes. Yes, some have plants in them but quite a few don’t. I’ve listed below the unique ways in which I repurposed the flowerpots I found in local retails stores that were just too irresistible to leave behind.

  • A large, round planter that holds umbrellas and shoes by my front door.
  • A small, sleek, square pot in my son’s bathroom on the counter to store his toothbrush, toothpaste etc.
  • An XL square pot is used outside on my lanai to hold small outdoor games, balls, pool toys, etc.
  • A medium round flowerpot has been put to use as storage for my throw blankets – located in my master bedroom.

Planters make for great home decor!

There are so many beautiful flower pots in Brandon area stores all year round. So, think outside the box in terms of storage usage and you will be delighted to discover how many more attractive storing options (and/or garbage pails) you will now have.

Interested in browsing some pots? Take a look at Target or Homegoods in Brandon, Tuesday Morning in Valrico, Southern Hospitality in Plant City, or Hobby Lobby in Lakeland (still praying for one closer!) to get started. Happy shopping!

Have some cool ideas for planters of your own? Please leave a comment and share below. If you are already using your planters in a non-traditional way, I’d love to know how you are putting them to use! And, if I can help in any way, please click here to contact me today!