Even though my husband and I don’t make a huge fuss about Valentine’s Day…I still love to decorate for the occasion! Nothing too crazy, but at the very least, I always adorn my kitchen island with some inexpensive festive décor, such as glass jars filled with candy, hearts, or anything red or pink!  

Note: These will look great in any room PLUS they make great gifts! Even if you don’t consider yourself a crafter, the ideas I’m going to share are inexpensive and easy to create.

I like to use one huge glass vase, mason jars OR three glass vases of different shapes and sizes like these Apothecary Jars for example. Hopefully, you already have something similar in your home. If not, they can be found at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Bed, Bath & Beyond, At Home, Target and Amazon.

Looking for a more sleek and modern style?

You can find tall cylindrical glass vases at most department stores (I found them at The Dollar Store!). They usually come in three sizes, and I recommend purchasing one in each size.

The minimalist look is beautiful and definitely Marie Kondo approved!

Before you get started, there’s a secret that decorators love to use to get the most out of a little. You don’t have to buy gallons of candy or decorations to fill these vases if you use this simple tip. Just insert an empty paper towel roll and cut the roll down, so that it is about 3” shorter than the top of your vase OR if you have another glass vase that can fit into the center of your vase, that would work great too! Now instead of filling up all the space, fill only the empty space between the roll and the vase.

Now for the fun stuff, what can you fill these vases with? Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Silk Rose Petals

Candy hearts

Red and pink M & M’s

Valentine’s Candy Corn AKA Cupid Corn

Silver Heart Ornaments

Red Acrylic Hearts

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and the vibrant and pretty centerpieces you’ve created to entice extra feelings of love into your home!